Helloooooo! Anyone out there on a diet?!

Hello this is my first blog! I’d like to introduce myself  but I’m going to stay anonymous for now!  When I’m 3 stone lighter I will post a pic and reveal myself (well I will be fully clothed 😉 )
So a little bit about me to lift the air of mystery.  I’m a serial dieter. I’m 34 years old and currently between 6 to 3 stone overweight depending on whose calculations you follow. In my own mind I’m 3 stone overweight based on the fact that my lightest weight in adulthood was 3 stones lighter than I am now and wouldn’t mind being that weight again -but I’m happy to go lower if I can get there!

My first awareness of being overweight was when I was 8 years old and my dad took me to see a dietician at the doctors.  Since then I’ve tried every diet/healthy eating plan from Rosemary Conely, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Gillian Mckeith, Carol Vordemans detox, high protein, no carbs and very recently the ‘alternate day fasting’ technique.  I’ve also had gastric band hypnotherapy, a personal trainer, been a member of 6 gyms, bought a swiss ball, bought another swiss ball, gave them to charity, own a set of dumbells, a hula hoop, a personal trainer fitness game for the playstation, a bike and around 15 fitness dvds.   I will go into more detail with all of these in further blogs but the one thing I can say is that with the exception of Slimming World and Gillian Mckeith I lost weight doing all of the above diets, exercise and other weight loss techniques -AT FIRST!  I think of my most successful attempts at weight loss being Rosemary Conely and weight watchers because these are the ones that I stuck with for so long and had my biggest weight loss with.  In recent years after half heartedly trying to maintain my weight loss and inevitably re-joining weight watchers but never quite getting back in to ‘the zone’ I decided to give other options a go to see whether there was something else out there that would work for me.  I had short term success with most of them but ultimately found them harder to fit into my lifestyle, expensive or just too difficult!

So fast forward to now 12th January 2013 and what am I doing it about it?? What crazy fandangled weight loss craze am I giving a go? What club have I joined costing me lots of my hard earned cash and precious time? The answer is NON of the above!! I’m going back to basics.  I’m going to ‘JUST EAT LESS’!!

I’ll be telling you more about this and my revolutionary thoughts and discoveries throughout my journey.  I’m hoping that writing this blog will help me to keep focused and will share my highs and lows with the world and possibly motivate others!  So far after week 1 of my new life I’ve lost 3lb and apart from for the food I’ve bought (or not bought!) I’ve not spent a penny so this week is definitely a high and I’m motivated to keep going! Rest assured I’m not starving myself.  I’ve done that before remember (see above list- alternate fasting day diet!) I’m having a respectable, achievable 1200 kcals a day and I’m going to try and exercise when I can but aim for at least 4 DVD workouts a week and a nice long walk at the weekends.  I’ve downloaded a handy little FREE app from www.myfitnesspal.com and its brilliant.  It helped me calculate how many calories I should have, I can record the calories I have, I can look up the calorie values in their database, add ones that aren’t in there, add the exercise I do and finally just before I go to bed it gives me a motivating message at the end of the day reminding me how much weight I will lose if I do what I did today EVERYDAY!

So wish me luck and watch this space!!


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