My Progress & Davina Intense Review

Well its day 15 of my Just Eat Less approach and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 4lb so far so I’m pleased that it’s going in the right direction and its turning out to be quite easy to stick to.  I had one night off this week when I went out with friends and I just thought that if this is something I’m going to stick to I need to be able to carry on socialising and enjoy the odd night out/off the calorie counting. So out of the last 15 days there has been one day when I have eaten just under 2000 calories instead of 1200 I still lost weight, ok I may have lost more if I hadn’t shared a baked camembert, had moules mariniere and a 3rd share of a melting chocolate pudding (at least it wasn’t a full one!) and 3 glasses of white wine!!, but I’m more likely to stick to this as a long term thing if I allow myself the odd over indulgent day!

Another thing that has definitely helped me over the last few weeks is that I have been exercising which is clocking up extra calorie allowance per day that I have not been dipping into to allow extra food.

As I mentioned before I’ve been a member of a gym many times before and have had a lot of success with that but at the moment my lifestyle doesn’t really allow the time to fit going to the gym in.  I do DVD’s at home which is so much quicker as I don’t care what I look like, don’t have to allow time to travel to the gym and don’t waste time walking around the gym staring at equipment I don’t know how to use properly and waiting for other people to finish using it! I also find DVDs more motivational and encouraging than going alone to the gym.  They have the same effect on me as having a personal trainer or doing a class.  How does the DVD instructor always seem to know that exact point when i’m flagging or not getting my knees up quite high or fast enough??!!! They always say just enough to give me that push to make it through to the end of the workout or to make myself work that little bit harder!
So in my vast array of DVDs I have the following to choose from and I try to alternate them so that I don’t get bored and so that I don’t learn what they are saying off by heart!:-

Tae Bo- 1,2,3,5 and Get Ripped
Josie Gibsons 30 second slim
Kettlercise Just for Women
Zumba – cardio party, sculpt & tone, basics & 20 minute express, Live & flat Abs
Davina – Intense, Ultimate Target, The Power of Three
Gaynor Fayes -Fit Friends
Clubland Work It Out
Step Up Dance Workout
There are a few extras that my husband put into storage by mistake so he will be going to retrieve those next week! 🙂

I’m going to try and review the DVD on the day that I do it so that its a quick read.  Today it’s the turn of ‘Davina Intense’ that I did yesterday and later I will review the one I choose for today’s workout!

Davina Intense-Review
Beware this DVD will seriously effect your body (in a good way)!! Davina, with the help of her 2 personal trainers Jackie and Mark have done it again! In this latest of their DVDs it does exactly what it promises, it’s intense, but, as it is based on the principles of high intensity training/interval training, the intensity is short and sharp allowing time to recover and let your heart rate come back down so that you can put maximum effort in over a shorter period of time than other longer workouts.  It has 6 sections warm up, cardio box, toning, Abs, cool down & Stretch and a further more deep stretch section that you could do as a relaxation workout by itself.  They stress that you must do the warm up and cool down before attempting any other section which I agree is really important.  Yesterday was my 4th time using the DVD.  I did the warm up & stretch section, intense toning and the cool down and stretch which took about 45 mins in total.  The music tracks throughout the DVD, as on all Davinas DVDs, is good -funky, modern and gets you moving!  I love it when Davina goes off piste and puts some extra dance moves in because she is loving the music! The warm up is really good fun and Mark as always provides the entertainment with his attempts at ‘shimmying’! There is a good stretch too that believe me you will be thankful of as your calves will feel tight after some of the warm up moves!  The intense toning section is fab.  You will need low weights 1.5/2kg and a mat or towel for this bit, a glass of water and a mop down towel!  It mixes heart raising moves like high knees, bum kicks, jacks, fast squats into kicks, ab work on the mat and weights ensuring that you target all areas of your body.   I live in a semi detached house and luckily no one lives next door because they might wonder what the hell I am doing during this section of the workout -I make some very loud noises mixed with screams and the occasional ‘you have got to be kidding me’  There are rest breaks in between the bursts of high intensity moves where you either get time to ‘catch your breath’ (needed) or a few minutes to walk around let your heart rate come down, stop feeling like your going to puke and have a drink of water (needed like you have never needed anything else before in your life)!!  However, please don’t be put off by any of what I have said! I say all of this with a smile on my face because I feel proud that I have got through it all a few times now and have still lived to write this blog! I know that this type of training works to create muscles that you never thought you would be able to see and burn fat/calories as its similar to the style of training inflicted on me by the personal trainer I used to have. The main advantage that this DVD has over a personal trainer is that I don’t need to re-mortgage my house for the privilege!  The cool down is exactly what it says and the stretches are a-m-a-a-a-z-i-n-g they make you realise all the areas of the body that have worked hard and you know you will feel toned but lean and have less pain by doing them!  I felt a bit lethargic before I started and could have easily sat on the couch all day watch crap tv but I pushed myself to do it and afterwards I felt energised, toned and really good about myself. So I would like to give this DVD a 10/10 for its warm up, toning and cool down sections.  I will review the other sections on the days that I do them!  Thanks Davina, Mark and Jackie! x

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