It’s the small things!!

Losing weight is not necessarily always about making massive changes, sometimes it’s the small things that can all add up to really help reduce your calorie intake or allow you to have more food! Like swapping fizzy drinks for their sugar free relations, 330ml (1 reg can) of Coca Cola is 139cals the diet version is only 1 cal!!! Of course some would debate it’s probably best to just avoid fizzy drinks altogether but if I HAD to have one I know what I would choose!  Sometimes foods like salads etc need to be made more interesting by adding mayo or adding tomato ketchup to just about anything! Its worth checking the calories and weighing these add ons -a tablespoon (15g) of extra light mayo is 11cals, Light Mayo is 40 calories and full fat mayo is 100cals! Massive difference and such an easy thing to just dollop on top without thinking of the consequences!

This morning  I had 2 boiled eggs and as we really need to go shopping we had ran out of the mini pitta breads that I would usually have.  I decided that it might not be so weird to have rivitas with my eggs (not too weird right??!!) interestingly instead of the 2 mini pittas I would normally have I could have 3 rivitas so on the plate it looked like I had a nice full plate which I love! Anyway I felt that 3 dry rivitas could be quite disgusting even if my eggs still had runny yolks so I reached for the lurpak.  I was about to smother them when I suddenly remembered I’m calorie counting and I’m photographing everything for you guys to see!! So I weighed out 15g which the lurpak info said would be 38 cals.  I toyed with not bothering, afterall 38cals could almost be an afternoon treat of a hilights hot chocolate! My mouth was telling me otherwise! Would the 15g be enough to cover the 3 rivitas?? Probably, just about, as a little scraping and especially if I turned the rivita over so that the butter didn’t sit into all the nobbly bits (another top tip!) I decided to investigate an alternative and scoured the fridge for inspiration- saw the extra light philli and read that I could have 30g for 33 cals. I weighed 30g out and it was a no brainer -a scraping of butter or a nice thick layer of philli on two of the rivitas and one plain one for dipping in the yolks!! Genius!! Of course the brain power that was used to get to this conclusion had probably burnt off enough calories to have had 5 rivitas covered in butter but that’s not the point!  Calorie counting is not always about stopping yourself from eating things you think you can’t have its about making choices based on doing the workings out and deciding whether you would prefer to stretch your calories out and have more for less! So next time you get on the scales and you’ve not lost weight (or lost less than you thought) and you are angry because you’ve tracked your calories and been ‘good’  ALL week, have a little think back to all those small little extras that you may have had, a few chips off your partners plate?, or a spoonful of their sticky toffee pudding and custard? or an extra dollop of mayo? It all adds up and remember this little saying that a very inspirational weight watchers leader used to say to me ‘if you bite it write it’!!

15g butter or 34g of extra light philli = 38 cals

15g butter or 34g of extra light philli = 38 cals

I chose 30g philli 33 cals, 3 rivitas and 2 eggs for breakfast- 258 cals

I chose 30g philli 33 cals, 3 rivitas and 2 eggs for breakfast- 258 cals

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