What weighs more 2lbs of feathers or 2lbs of my fat??

The answer is -they both weigh exactly the same!! That’s the rule you should remember when ever anyone says something to you like ‘I’ve put weight on this week as I’ve been doing loads of exercise and muscle weighs more than fat’ Well its doesn’t it weighs the same and you have to be going some on the dumbells and barbells to gain a few pounds of muscle in a week!

So it’s been a good week for me I lost 2lbs which takes me to 7lb, that’s HALF A STONE in 4 weeks!! Very chuffed and my jeans a even more chuffed that their seams are being put under less strain than they were before! The ‘Just Eat Less’ theory is working for me, which comes as no surprise, it’s the fact that I’m sticking to it that is.  I’m not going to analyse it too much but basically I think I’m gleaning all the little tips and facts that I have learned during every other weight loss mission and I’m trying to eat as much tasty food as possible for the 1200 calorie allowance that’s been recommended to me, recording everything I eat accurately using my fitness pal app and doing bit of regular exercise too.  I’ve been more aware of my body’s signals as to whether I’m actually hungry or thirsty and this is one of the things that I learned during cognitive hypnotherapy sessions.  During these sessions my therapist concentrated on my relationship with food and my non ability to realise when I was full or not hungry/hungry.  One thing I’ve had to really focus my brain on is knowing that it’s ok to stop eating if I am full and that just because the food is amazingly tasty it doesn’t mean I have to eat it all! Over time this way of thinking actually helps me to put less on my plate in the first place or to use smaller plates to make my brain think I’m having a mountain of food even though I’m having smaller portions than I do when I’ve fallen off the wagon!

I’m really interested in the psychology of weight loss or being over weight in the first place.  My therapist told me a story about a girl who’d had a gastric by pass operation who physically couldn’t eat too much food following the operation but could still drink fluids.  She became addicted to starbucks Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino® Blended Crèmes (you know the really chocolaty, creamy calorific looking ones that all the teenagers are walking around with in the see through plastic cups??!) and at 410cals per drink she didn’t need many of them to put weight on.  My therapist was asked to give the girl therapy to try and help her release any psychological issues she had about food and apparently once she had had this she was able to let the by pass do its job. Whether or not it was true I will never know but it does seem like it could be possible for someone to ‘cheat’ an operation like that if their brain wasn’t in the ‘zone’.

For me having the therapy flicked a switch in my brain.  I won’t go into details of what or where my issues with over eating came from but lets just say through her taking me back to times in my childhood (that I chose to revisit) she used techniques to get me to release the negative thoughts around that time and to tell myself that everything is going to be ok. I’m sure there was a lot more to it than that but that’s the bit I remember! For about 2 weeks after the therapy I had such an over whelming feeling of not feeling hungry or not wanting to over eat.  It was AMAZING! It made me think wow this is what someone who has never had weight issues must feel like. They eat when they are hungry, they stop when they are full!  It filled me with so much hope and excitement that I had finally found something that was going to change my life.  Unfortunately, as quickly as that over whelming feeling appeared I felt it slipping away, slowly at first but then an intense realisation that I felt differently again.  During the 3rd week after therapy I felt that I had to force myself not to eat and 1 week later it felt like I was back to how I was before.  I had follow up mp3 tracks to listen to and they helped but the intense feeling had gone.  My therapist never ever led me to believe that it was going to be easy and that I would have to work at retraining my brain but I guess I just gave up.  However, I do believe that I am now tapping back into some of the things I learned during those sessions even though it was a year ago that I had them.  Maybe I was just so disappointed at first that the intense feeling had gone that I gave up and just put it down to another thing that had cost me a lot of money and wasn’t going to work.  If I hadn’t had that therapy though it would be one less tool that is going to help me lose weight this time-for good!

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